About Us

From year 1951 until today…

Our company was founded by Haci Ihsan SEL in 1951 and has started production of desserts unde the title of Seydioğlu Baklavaları Ihsan SEL.

He has taught the particulars of the after taste of baklava production to the next generation and production has been ongoing ever since.

In order to register our family’s tradition, to become incorporated and to continue our path with our corporate identity, our company has taken its first steps in 1984 by establishing our company with the title of Hasan Hüseyin SEYDİOĞLU BAKLAVALARI and by registering our name.

We are honorably happy to bring the production of desserts, which is a very meticulous process requiring ultimate precision, that was entrusted to us by our founder Haci İhsan SEL to today and to be placed among a few notable brands of Turkey.

Our company currently provides products to multiple factories and large supermarkets and maintains its quality to ensure continuous growth of our portfolio.

We are proud to be in collaboration with our esteemed partners and to present our company and the products we produce in a highly competitive environment.

Kindest Regards…